ARGENTINIAN TANGO ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Workshop Saturday, JAN 21st- 3pm -4:30pm plus Free practica 4:30pm -5pm

Registration is Open

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Professional Tango Dancers

No dance experience or partner necessary for this workshop. 2-hour special workshop. Limited leaders and followers. Registration is open. Join us. 3pm -5pm, Online: Couples $50 or $30 per person. At the Door same day : $40 PP and College students $25 Per Person.

All students will get $50 Off! to the Group classes join us!

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Registration is open – No dance experience or partner necessary.

All Tango basic elements to move you fast up to the next level! A breakdown of the basic elements: the embrace, concept of lead and follow, cross and parallel walk systems, 6, 8, & 10 count basic, cruzada, weight changes, ochos, rock step, turns, gancho, lapiz, sacada, and barrida. This course is designed to get you moving on the dance floor from your first lesson. If you are an absolute beginner and excited to learn the Argentine Tango, then this lesson is for you! Have two left feet? No problem! Have you taken tango classes before but want to review all the basic steps, polish your skill, or just want to meet new people and have fun? Then welcome!

NY Tango School NYC 240 W 37th St 2nd Fl Manhattan