Live from New York Live online Private lessons & Group Classes for all levels Tango-Milonga with Jon

Free Group and Private Tango Dance Lessons for our
Heroes Doctors – Nurses and Medical staff. Online Dance lessons for Our Heroes the Frontliners!
Thank you!!!
For putting your LIVES on the front to save our LIVES.
Thank you so so so much for your service, There is no return what you’re doing for us. But I will be happy to bring little joy of dance to my Heroes in this critical time of
Just send us in Email [email protected] or
Connect us on the Facebook, instagram or twitter
and we will send you the link You can take Unlamented Online Group classes and for Private
Lessons we will schedule you on your convenient time 24/7.
Private lessons at anyway anytime

Absolute Beginners Tango group classes Every Wednesday & Sunday
Advanced Tango Group classes every Monday and Thursday

I’m proud to be an American! and New Yorker I love my City more then anyplace on Earth

Live from New York NY Tango School NYC with Jon Tariq
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Online Private and group classes,On Zoom -FaceTime or on Skype

Online All levels Group Classes on Zoom. Here is the full schedule.
Private lessons with Jon one on one or with your dance partner on Zoom
All private lessons and Group classes are 75% off of the original price
You will pay only $50, for 8 classes. Or Drop in 2 Class $20.
private lesson 60 mints long lesson You pay only $62.
Every Monday
Advanced tango class 6-7pm
Advanced milonga class 7-8pm

Every Wednesday
Beginner Tango class 6:30-7:30pm
Beginners Milonga class 7:30-8:30pm
You will pay only $50, for 8 classes. Or Drop in 2 Class $20.
Every Thursday
Advanced Tango class 7pm
Advanced Milonga class 8pm
You will pay only $50, for 8 classes. Or Drop in 2 Class $20.
Absolute beginners seminars
Sunday 5-6:30pm
Absolute beginner seminars
You will pay only $50, for 8 classes. Or Drop in Class $20.
Let’s stay connect on zoom is free app, on Zoom in class you can see each other you can talk to each others and you can study in your own safety and privacy and , All private lessons and Group classes are on great price
I love ❤️ my students
Best Jon Tariq
You can pay online on PayPal
here is the link –
— OR —
You can pay on the phone through your card with me and square.
Please Send an email to be able to Zoom or call
Email [email protected]
Call Jon 917-825-0620

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Absolute Beginners Tango Seminars with Jon Tariq
Ladies are welcome to lead or just learn to understand better the partner lead,
Sunday March 22nd .
4 Weeks, 6 hours 4 Seminars.
Starting Sunday March 22nd,
Time – 5pm -6:30pm
Location – NYC
Pay in advance online $90
At the door $120 per person
Her is the link to pay online $90.

Tango & Milonga Live online Private lessons with Jon

Tango Absolute Beginners Or Advanced Tango dancers, One on one or with your dance partner.
Live online Tango and milonga classes, Start dancing wherever you are, Enjoy a magical Tango or Milonga lessons with the one you love with love & laughter in the comfort and privacy in your own living room.
Tango 1
Tango Absolute Beginners want to start and no time no problem we have great program that will start you dancing from day one, got two lift feet no problem, Perfect for anyone with two left feet too. We will send you Absolute beginners tango syllabus if you are beginners. We have 65” Screen we can see you perfectly and we will correct your every Single Move and positions
Tango 2
Tango Advanced
Advanced New steps Improvisational techniques or Any Steps you would like to learn,
Milonga lessons for all levels
Milonga con traspie & lisa – New fun steps every time all Improvisational techniques.
Online Private Lessons 3 Steps process
Here is the link to pay online
1. Book your lesson pay on line
2. Have little space for dance lesson in place
3. Send email or call and you are all set.