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Performance workshops in NYC with Jon

4 couples Students performance Showcase 8 Hours great workshops, This is a great course for those who have always dreamed of performing tango on the stage or just want to learn stage tango sequences to add some pizzazz to your dance. in this exciting 8-hours course you will master advance choreography with a partner and learn Performance technique to engage the audience. At the completion of this course, you will be featured in performance showcase in midtown Manhattan in our Saturday special event were you can invite all your friends as many as you to invite for Free!
This is a wonderful way to build confidence in your dancing, on or off the stage.* Limited enrollment to 4 couples. Pre /registration required. *Please let us know if you are flying solo and we’ll pair you up
Pay cash / Pay with Card on Square/  Venmo or PayPal 
Performance workshop for Couple – $300
Venmo @NYTangoSchoolNYC-Jon
Danznik studio 240 W 37th St 2nd Fl midtown Manhattan